Executive Summary

Liberty Group, a prominent construction company in Malawi, confronted challenges in attendance management, paperwork, and operational visibility. White Stork intervened with a tech-driven solution, automating attendance, reducing paperwork, and enhancing real-time insights. The incorporation of machine maintenance tracking ensured defect prevention, optimizing construction operations and positioning Liberty Group for sustained success.

About Liberty Group

Liberty Group is a well-established construction company based in Malawi, operating in the construction industry with a diverse portfolio of projects. They specialize in undertaking a wide range of construction ventures, including residential, commercial, and infrastructure development. Apart from their construction expertise, Liberty Group also plays a vital role in the training of construction professionals and offers workshops on modern construction techniques and best practices. Additionally, the company boasts an in-house manufacturing unit that produces high-quality construction materials, catering to their own projects and external clients. With a strong commitment to delivering excellence and innovation in every endeavor, Liberty Group continues to be a key player in Malawi's thriving construction sector.

Customer Challenge

Liberty Group faced challenges in managing attendance without direct employee involvement due to changing nicknames, excessive paperwork related to attendance and construction processes, limited visibility on site progress and stock management, and tracking machine maintenance schedules to prevent defects.


We have implemented AI-powered face recognition for attendance, developed a comprehensive management application, automated stock processes, site progress tracking, and machine maintenance. AWS services like Cognito, Lambda, and Aurora were utilized to build scalable and efficient solutions.

Results and Benefits

The solution increased productivity by 35%, enhanced efficiency and accuracy, improved visibility on-site progress and stock management, streamlined processes leading to time and cost savings, positive feedback from clients, and machine status tracking. The entire solution operated with low operational costs, below 200 USD per month.