Executive Summary

SKYLA Travel, a travel industry leader, overcame complexities by partnering with White Stork. The collaboration yielded a streamlined platform, integrating GDSs, automating processes, and enhancing client communication. This solution elevated team efficacy by 40%, eliminated balance booking issues, and reduced client-operation interactions by 60%, optimizing operations and enhancing client experiences.

About Skyla

SKYLA Travel, a prominent travel agency spanning West Africa, faced intricate challenges stemming from multiple Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and communication bottlenecks. With an extensive network, SKYLA Travel offers diverse services, including airline tickets and hotel bookings, with a commitment to seamless travel experiences.

Customer Challenge

SKYLA Travel faced intricate challenges in managing multiple Global Distribution Systems (GDS), causing operational confusion and inefficiencies. Manual processes and paper-based workflows added to the complexity, leading to time-consuming paperwork and a lack of transparency between operations and accounting. This hindered productivity, delayed reporting, and jeopardized SKYLA Travel's reputation and financial stability.

Unchecked challenges could result in missed business opportunities, dissatisfied clients, and reduced operational efficiency, impacting SKYLA Travel's reputation and financial health. Inaccuracies in financial records might lead to financial losses, eroding client trust. Without a transformative solution, SKYLA Travel's adaptability in the dynamic travel industry and their competitive edge could be severely compromised.


In addressing the challenges of managing multiple GDSs, White Stork harnessed the flexibility of Amazon EC2 instances, creating an adaptable and scalable server environment. Automation took center stage with Amazon Lambda, significantly boosting operational efficiency by automating routine tasks and minimizing manual interventions. The deployment and management of containerized applications were seamlessly orchestrated through Amazon ECS and ECR, ensuring a consistent and reliable platform.

Amazon Cognito emerged as a linchpin for security and user authentication, fortifying access management for both internal teams and clients at SKYLA Travel. The dynamic data storage demands of a growing operation found a solution in Amazon DynamoDB, a NoSQL database that offered the needed flexibility and scalability.

Meticulous attention to reliability and availability was evident in the implementation of load balancers and Amazon Route 53, optimizing traffic distribution and domain management. The result was a high-availability platform with minimal downtime, providing an optimized and uninterrupted user experience.

This strategic partnership culminated in a platform seamlessly integrating GDSs, streamlining operations, fortifying security, and presenting clients with an intuitive interface. White Stork's adept use of AWS services, including EC2, Lambda, ECS, ECR, Cognito, DynamoDB, load balancers, and Route 53, delivered a solution that not only addressed operational complexities but also empowered SKYLA Travel's team and elevated client interactions.

Results and Benefits

The partnership yielded transformative outcomes for SKYLA Travel. Team efficiency surged by 40%, driven by a 30% reduction in manual interventions. The integration of GDSs slashed search and booking times by 20%, leading to quicker customer responses. The elimination of balance discrepancies accelerated financial reconciliation by 15%, enhancing client trust and operational transparency. Furthermore, the migration to AWS translated into a substantial 25% reduction in operational costs, strengthening SKYLA Travel's financial sustainability.

In summation, the collaboration with White Stork led to a platform that not only addressed SKYLA Travel's challenges but also delivered quantifiable benefits. Enhanced operational efficiency, improved financial accuracy, and significant cost reductions position SKYLA Travel for sustained growth and enhanced client experiences.