Executive Summary

SKIPTick, in partnership with White Stork, has innovated in the event industry with a comprehensive ticketing and crowd management system using AWS. This advanced solution enhances user experience and operational efficiency, establishing SKIPTick as a market leader.

About the Customer

SKIPTick is a dynamic player in the event industry, focused on creating avant-garde online ticketing systems and sophisticated crowd management solutions, aiming to revolutionize event engagement.

Customer Challenge

SKIPTick's primary challenge was to build a scalable, secure, and efficient ticketing and crowd management system from the ground up. The lack of such a system could lead to operational inefficiencies and customer dissatisfaction. In a highly competitive market, the absence of an innovative solution could result in lost revenue and hindered growth.


White Stork approached this challenge by implementing AWS RDS Aurora for a reliable and scalable database backend, crucial for handling the high volume of transactions in ticketing systems. For the application layer, Amazon ECS was chosen to deploy both the public-facing frontend and the administrative backend, ensuring a unified and scalable platform. The second phase of the solution focused on traffic management and search functionality. AWS Elastic Load Balancer was integrated to efficiently distribute incoming traffic across multiple ECS instances, ensuring system responsiveness during peak usage. Amazon Elasticsearch was employed to enhance the platform's search capabilities, enabling users to quickly and accurately navigate through various events and ticket options. The final part of the solution involved optimizing the system's performance and security. The use of Amazon ECR allowed for secure and efficient management of container images, essential for maintaining the integrity and performance of the application. This comprehensive use of AWS services ensured that SKIPTick's system was not only user-centric but also technologically advanced and ready for future expansion.

Success Metrics

The implementation of this AWS-based solution significantly enhanced SKIPTick's operational efficiency and user experience. While specific metrics on time saved and IT cost reduction are being evaluated, the system's responsiveness and reliability have notably improved, promising substantial long-term benefits.